Some tips for you GNU/Linux system

Update the data base of the manual.

# mandb

Check the SHA 256 checksum

Download the image, in this example was a kali distro and write sha256sum distro.iso

$ †††sha256sum kali-linux-2019.2-amd64.iso
67574ee0039eaf4043a237e7c4b0eb432ca07ebf9c7b2dd0667e83bc3900b2cf  kali-linux-2019.2-amd64.iso

and compare with the SHA256Sum key original. If both have the same value, the image is fine.

Create bootable USB Linux

The basic syntax is: dd if=source of=destiny

# dd bs=4M if=xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.iso of=/dev/sdx && sync
 62+1 records in
 62+1 records out
 262189056 bytes (262 MB) copied, 162.151 s, 1.6 MB/s

where xxxxx.iso is the image and /dev/sdx is the path of your device to burn.

To know the path, use the mount command.

You can use the pv command to see the progress of operations

dd if=/source |pv|dd of=/destiny

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