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Daily use commands in git.


$ git config --global "your_name lastname"
$ git config --global ""


Start a repository

$ mkdir your_project
$ cd your_project
$ git init

Repository status

$ git status

Add a file (to a Staging area) to commit later

$ git add file

Remove the added file from the staging area & working directory

$ git rm --cached file

Remove the added file from the staging area, working directory & disk

$ git rm --force file


Make a commit

$ git commit -m "message about the commit"

Add modified files(add .) and a commit at the same time

$ git commit -am "test"

Check the last commit history and differences

$ git show

Check the differences between commits

git diff commitCode1 commitCode2

$ git diff b23b98a712 7a78e76d96f


Check the log or commit history

$ git log file 
commit 7a78e76d96f7575bf34839488a2c44c1c82f365a 
Author: xilen0x <> 
Date: Fri Mar 4 17:50:59 2022 +0100 
mod first commit 

commit b23b98a7128c5e868abd78485b661b5ab803bcaa 
Author: xilen0x <> 
Date: Fri Mar 4 17:31:12 2022 +0100 
first commit

See the logs with other format

$ git log --stat

commit d26acafac7f96dfda97eb0bc0bb74d3a43d32e1d (HEAD, master) Author: xilen0x <> Date: Sun Mar 6 17:31:28 2022 +0100 archivo v1 file | 2 — file.html | 15 +++++++++++++++ file2 | 4 —- style.css | 6 ++++++ 4 files changed, 21 insertions(+), 6 deletions(-)

To see the logs with a graphics design:

$ git log --all --graph --decorate --oneline


Go back in time with reset(be careful)

$ git reset b23b98a7128 --hard
# Go back to commit b23b98a7128 (and delete the staging area as well).

$ git reset b23b98a7128 --soft
# o back to commit b23b98a7128 (and keep whatever is in the staging area).

Go back to just see a previous version

$ git checkout b23b98a7128

To come back again to the last version

# ex. to d26acafac7f96d
$ git log master
$ git checkout d26acafac7f96d

Delete files from the stage area (to not add them to the next commit).

$ git reset HEAD


Create a branch

$ git branch branchName

Switch to a branch

$ git checkout branchName

List all branches / View the active branch

$ git branch

Merge master with a branch

$ git checkout master
$ git merge branchName

Show branch history

$ git show-branch --all

Send a branch to github

$ git checkout branchName
$ git push origin branchName


Create a tag

$ git tag -a nombre-del-tag id-del-commit -m "version1"

Remove a tag

$ git tag -d nombre-del-tag

List tags created

$ git tag  <- the tags names
$ git show-ref --tags <- the tags names and commits

Publish a tag in a remote repository

$ git push origin --tags

Eliminate a tag from the remote repository

$ git push origin :refs/tags/nombre-del-tag


Create a alias in a project

$ git config alias.logd "log --all --graph --decorate --oneline"
$ git logd

Create a alias globally

$ git config --global alias.logd "log --all --graph --decorate --oneline"
$ git logd


Step 1: Create a repository on github.

Step 2: Copy the URL of your new repo.

Step 3: Open the terminal and execute :

git add *
git commit -m "your comment here"
git remote add origin
git push -u origin main

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